We're here to show the world responsible local experiences.


But it's bigger than that! 

At Savvi, we're not just travelers.  We're careful explorers, assembling a uniquely-curated tool for people like you! - travelers who actually care about their impact as they seek out new and exciting destinations. 

Savvi bridges the gap between authentic, local communities and curious, sustainable travelers,  promoting a new wave of community-based tourism (CBT).  

It is only right that we, the Savviest travelers, venture into parts-unknown to discover the hidden gems around us, the ones that might not have a website, and the ones that are most likely to give us that special, Savvi feeling.  


End Game: Social Impact

It's no secret that responsible tourism is cool tourism.  This is why it's one of Savvi's goals as a social enterprise to provide ground support for local, under-represented businesswomen and men operating in economies of developing tourism. Those businesses that don't have the means or the bandwidth to broadcast their services on the world wide web, no matter how awesome (or sustainable) they may be. For them, there is an app, and that app is Savvi!

About us

Savvi is a small startup powered by a big idea: Responsible Travel.   We're proud advocates for the good guys.  And always a fan of making your friends jealous - one responsible world experience at a time.  

We're based in New York City, but the Savvi squad is currently exploring Vietnam - our first Savvi destination.  Sound cool? Drop us a line and join us on our quest for Savvi.  While you're at it, follow @savvihq on our journey to make travel smarter!