Savvi Community Guidelines

We all learned these things in kindergarten - share your toys, color inside the lines, and be nice!  The Savvi community is pretty much the same.  Here’s a little reminder of how to use the Savvi community.

1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Be kind and respectful to the members of the Savvi community. The Savviest information is spread with love and considerate words of wisdom.  We’re all in this together! Let’s build an awesome and adventurous community of travelers. 

2. If you see something, say something

There are no Savvi police. We rely on YOU, the community, to promote the most constructive content.  Use the “Report” feature wisely but diligently.  Hurtful and hateful content is not Savvi content! If you see something that doesn’t belong in Savvi, report it and we will take swift action to make sure that the community stays a safe and fun environment for all.

3. Stay Savvi

Get up there, get down there, get out there! Experience fresh adventures and unique activities.  Use Savvi to break down all barriers to travel and share your Savvi conquests with the world.

Here are a few things we really don’t want you to do.  Actually, just don’t do any of these things, ever - got it?!

  • Don’t threaten anyone.  This is not Savvi.
  • Don’t use obscene language.  We all know the bad words - don’t put them on Savvi.
  • Don’t share or encourage self-harm.  This won’t be tolerated.
  • Don’t broadcast hateful ideas.  The Savvi community doesn’t like it.
  • Don’t post graphic or inappropriate content - images, text, links.  These will be removed.
  • Don’t bully or harass anyone.  ...Whether they’re users of Savvi or not.
  • Don’t post your or other people’s private information.  It's private for a reason.
  • Don’t post spam or promotional material.  This is a waste of Savvi.

The moderators of Savvi reserve the right to remove any and all objectionable material, however we cannot guarantee that Savvi will be free from everything listed above.  If you see a post or any content that does not adhere to the Community Guidelines, report it!  For more information about your relationship with Savvi, see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.