The Best Internet Cafes in Chiang Mai

By Ally, Savvi's Growth Manager


Chiang Mai (like most others) is a city with lots to see and do, but what if you're here for business or want to plan the next part of your trip... you need a quiet place to crank out some work. Here are the cafes Savvi found in our time here, and what we thought about them.


Into The Woods

This quaint, enchanting little cafe is constructed to resemble a fairytale land. Seriously- the bathroom is in a narnia-like wardrobe. There's a also stocked bookshelf that you can read from freely. What a wonderland! Only downfall- wifi was not-so-great. Would still recommend for writers, readers and non-wifi users.

Rustic & Blue

Akha Ama

A family from the Akha village (in northern Thailand) started this cafe with the intention of serving high quality coffee at a reasonable price, produced from an organically sustainable system. If you're a coffee lover, that mission should resonate with you. Sit in or outside at this unique cafe. Full disclosure- no outlets here, so come with your devices fully charged.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Happy Hut

Nice chill spot to crank out some work. It was clean and not crowded at all (at least when we were there). They also have a simple menu if you're looking to snack. Only drawback- the wifi went in and out a bit. Nothing particularly special about this place, but sometimes simple is what you need. Oh & it's called HappyHut so can you really go wrong?

Imm Aim Veg Cafe

I put this cafe first purposely because it's my absolute favorite spot to work/chill/eat/be. Super pleasant staff. The owner, Mr. O is wonderful to be around- very knowledgeable about all things Thailand and more. To top it off, great shakes, food, and  wifi.

Into the Woods

Rustic & Blue

My first remark about this place is that it's super expensive (most dishes in the 200 baht range), which is to be expected due to the farm to table vibe- "handgrown produce & artisanal food." Prices aside, the atmosphere is lovely. You can side inside or out. Oh and they serve delicious smoothie bowls, yum.




Just after seeing Monmek's logo, I wanted to go inside to check it out. It ended up being a perfect place to work. You can sit in or outside. We chose the comfy chairs on the porch. They also have this bizarre espresso/ice cream/coconut/beer drink. Surely that will get your productivity juices flowing! Added bonus- outlets galore!

Happy Hut Cafe

Discovering charming little cafes made finding a place to work much more fun- great way to get to know a new city and find chill places to have a cup of coffee even if you're not working!

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