Stay Fit in Bangkok- GuavaPass 2017

by Ally, Savvi Growth Manager (originally from her blog- SpreadSomeSun)


You don’t often hear exercise and backpacking in the same sentence, unless you’re referring to how sore your back is from lugging around a 20 kilo bag. HOWEVER, if you plan on staying in Bangkok for a few weeks, Chrissy and I discovered this awesome resource called GuavaPass. Basically, you buy a membership that enables you to take classes at a ton of gyms around Bangkok (you can go to each gym 3 times in a month) for the duration of your membership- in our case, 1 month.

The majority of the gyms on GuavaPass are SICK with exceptional facilities and great instructors. Since we’re working in Bangkok, it’ s a great way to meet people and a fun hobby. Oh and the classes aren’t all straight up workout classes- there’s trampolining, laser tag, rock climbing, the list goes on! We’ve highlighted some of our favorite experiences from GuavaPass. We definitely recommend it!


Aerial Hammock Yoga @ On Air Studio

This was definitely the most hilarious experience we've had with GuavaPass. Want to feel like an idiot for an hour? Take a hammock yoga class! It's honestly such a beautiful art, but if you're not good at it, it's extremely challenging. Twisting upside down on a hammock is harder than it looks.

Want to give it a shot? 700 baht.



Tennis @ APF Academies

I love playing tennis at home, so when I found out that there's a tennis club on GuavaPass I was pumped. We really had no idea what to expect from this one, but it ended up being great. Turns out, the instructors are mostly Japanese. Our instructor, Sakai, was lovely and helped us with fundamental techniques. Wish we had time to go back for another lesson!

Want to play? You can take a "trial" class for free.


Free Jump @ Bounce Thailand

Yes, there's actually trampolining on GuavaPass. In the description of this one it said, "10 minutes on the trampoline is equal to 30 minutes of running on a treadmill." I'm not entirely sure how true that is, but this experience made me realize how much of a workout trampolining actually is. This class was a nice change of pace.

Want to jump around for an hour? 490 baht.


Baseball @ Bangkok Batting Center

How can you not enjoy aimlessly smacking a ball for an hour? It's not surprising that our shoulders were sore from this one, but it was awesome. It's been quite some time since I hit a baseball!

Want to polish your batting skills? 1,000 baht for 15 games.


High Intensity Interval Training @ The Edge

When I say that this class almost made me throw up, I'm not exaggerating. Our instructor Dylan kicked our butts. This gym is also BEAUTIFUL. They have delicious smoothie bowls as well.

Want to drop in? 650 baht for open gym, 700 for a group class.


Cycling @ Tribe

Ever heard of Soul Cycle? Tribe is the Thai equivalent. We used up all 3 of our credits for the month because this place is so great. We took classes with both Kat and Pern- both wonderful. Spinning to the beat of music also reminds me of how uncoordinated I am...

Want to sweat your brains out? 700 baht


Backbending @ Lullaby Yoga

Somehow we signed up for "advanced backbending" without realizing it. We thought we were taking a standard vinyasa class. Whoops! Backbending is supposed to "enliven the body and free the mind." I'm not totally convinced that was the case for me and Chrissy, but hey, it was a good challenge!

Interested in getting flexible? 400 baht for your first class.


Hot Yoga @ Absolute You

Ever stayed in a 100 degree room for 90 minutes? If not, take hot yoga at Absolute Yoga! 90 minutes is a bit long for a class, but I promise it goes by pretty fast.

Care to join? 750 baht for yoga, 850 for coreblast, and 950 for pilates reformer


Aquabiking @ AquaBiking Bangkok

Aquabiking is essentially cycling in the water. It is supposed to have health benefits on several different levels- cardiovascular, circulation, etc. Our instructor was an insanely ripped French guy who had a ton of energy. Surely a unique, but fun exercise!

Care to try? 900 baht for a drop in.


Surfing @ Surfset Thailand

Surfset focuses on a whole bunch of different areas- balance, core strength, cardio. The class we took involved us jumping up on the board, doing planks and pushups, and squatting. Another one that is definitely harder than it looks.

Want to drop in? 700 baht.

Muay Thai @ Legend Thai Boxing

Last, but certainly not least, is Muay Thai. I swear we've been attempting to try it out since we were in Thailand back in September. It was only right that our very last Guava Pass class was Muay Thai. WE LOVED IT! 90 minutes seems long, but once you're at the gym, it flies by. Our group consisted of Me and Chrissy, 2 seriously intense/bad ass Thai women, a Thai couple, and a 7-year-old boy. Quite the motley crew. Also quite the workout. If you ever have the chance, try Muay Thai.

Interested in throwing a few punches? 500 baht for a day pass.



You can tell that we’ve kept busy over here in Bangkok! You can check all of these studios out on the Savvi app. Exercising while traveling is tough, but there’s always a way, you just have to do some research to find it!