This. Is. Savvi.

Actually, though - Google  "Define: savvy"

Actually, though - Google  "Define: savvy"

Ok, so, besides a top-10 Merriam-Webster definition, what the hell is Savvi?  Well I’ll tell you that, as I type this, I’m peering out of a 2nd story window in New York, watching Big Bus Tours steadily trickle down Broadway, witnessing patiently-seated travel monkeys on the upper deck listen to a miserable tour guide babble the same sad story over the loud-speaker.  This is not Savvi. 

Achieving Savvi is actually impossible - much like discovering Enlightenment through Buddhism.  It’s an ideal that requires a constant state of being Savvi.  In today’s world it is hard to always be Savvi, especially while traveling to foreign places and far-off lands.  For any world-explorer, the odds are stacked against them, even those who think they are “savvy travelers.”  Unspoken languages, unfamiliar cultures, and unknown currencies can equate to uncomfortable situations and ill-advised decisions – booo!  We all want our travels to be optimized, adventurous, exotic, fun, and most importantly, savvy!  Here at Savvi, we will tell you that this is possible!

Lucky for us, travelers and world-explorers are a special bunch.  They already love to share information with each-other.  Any worldly armchair sociologist will note that there is some amazing and intrinsic strand of human nature that encourages people in uncomfortable, unfamiliar, foreign places to exchange information - the good, the bad, and the ugly - regardless of any kind of social or societal connection.  People helping people!  OK, maybe that’s jaded.  It’s probably just to excite their travel ego, but regardless, it is an automatic exchange of quality, locally-relevant information!  This happens 24/7, 365 at every geographical coordinate in the world.  Now, if only someone could harness this constant location-based information exchange…Enter Savvi!

Savvi is this community of learned, experienced travel egos and here is how we see it:

Traveling is all about experience.
It's about seeing, tasting, embracing places far from home.
Yes, we're encouraged to step out of our comfort zone,
But when we're there, we realize a little know-how goes a long way.

Savvi is a platform for connected world explorers,
Instinctively sharing their experiences and looking out for others.
Together avoiding pitfalls, sketchy encounters, and dubious prices.

These are our tips we give the community.
How to travel, made by us,
Inspired by the quest for Savvi.

Becoming Savvi is a constant quest.  Here at Savvi HQ, we are hard at work materializing the ideal of Savvi so that together, as a community, we can break down all barriers to travel.   We are leveraging technology to construct a kickass mobile app - a real-time, location-based information sharing platform - for you, the traveler, aspiring to be Savvi!

Now, I hear the crowds roaring “Give me Savvi!” And that, my friends, we will do!  Until then, #staysavvi and stay tuned for our global iOS launch.